1. (FAST '20) Characterizing, Modeling, and Benchmarking RocksDB Key-Value Workloads at Facebook

    RocksDB based on LSM-Tree is widely used in Facebook. This work aims to model and analysis RocksDB workloads at Facebook.

    2021/03/27 Storage

  2. (FAST '21) The Storage Hierarchy is Not a Hierarchy: Optimizing Caching on Modern Storage Devices with Orthus

    This work points out that how to utilize low-level performance of a hierarchical storage system.

    2021/03/17 Storage

  3. (FAST '21) Rethinking File Mapping for Persistent Memory

    This work focuses on the bottleneck of file-mapping in NVM filesystems.

    2021/03/15 Storage

  4. About Data Hotness in Hybrid Storage Systems

    Intro With the development of storage device, lots of novel stuff come to world, including NAND SSD, Optane 3D XPoint, STT-RAM… Personal machines have already multi-level storage: SRAM on CPU L2/L2 cache, DRAM on CPU’s DIMMs, SSD to accelerate operating system, and HDD to storage big file like media, movie.

    2021/03/14 Storage

  5. Warning

    Hey there, due to well known issues and less-well known issues, this public blog would forever remove anything about illegal and personal contents! Hope you guys can still enjoy the fun of tech, aka the general computer science :)

    2021/02/13 Prose

  6. 垃圾佬折腾的家庭服务器(二) updating...


    2021/02/06 Prose

  7. 垃圾佬折腾的家庭服务器


    2020/12/27 Prose

  8. (OSDI '20) Assise: Performance and Availability via NVM Colocation in a Distributed File System

    Paper notes about Assise, a distributed FS on NVM. Assise keeps data & metadata in clients (opposite to disaggregation) to enble fast recovery and high perf.

    2020/12/05 Storage

  9. (OSDI '20) Fast RDMA-based Ordered Key-Value Store using Remote Learned Cache

    paper notes about XStore[1] from SJTU, which uses learned cache (aka learned index[2]) for distributed DRAM KVS.

    2020/11/20 Storage

  10. (OSDI '20) Persistent State Machines for Recoverable In-memory Storage Systems with NVRam

    paper notes about Persimmon[1] from UCB & MSR uses state machine scheme to utilize PM to add persistence to in-mem storage systems

    2020/11/20 Storage