1. PM + Learned Index

    learned index + PM. APEX: A High-Performance Learned Index on Persistent Memory[1]

    2021/09/17 Storage

  2. (ATC '21, SDC' 20) Use PM as cache in industry

    Some industry works about how to utilize DRAM+PM archi as cache (from facebook and twitter).

    2021/08/01 Storage

  3. (ATC '21) One-sided RDMA-Conscious Extendible Hashing for Disaggregated Memory

    RDMA+KVS. Different with local hashing, insertion, deletion and update are expensive in RDMA environments. So a carefully index design based on one-sided RDMA ops is crucial.

    2021/07/27 Storage

  4. (ATC '21) Characterizing and Optimizing Remote Persistent Memory with RDMA and NVM

    An experiment-driven work from SJTU-IPADS shows some methods to achieve better performance in NVM+RDMA systems.

    2021/07/16 Storage

  5. Some eADR related works

    Some eADR related works

    2021/06/30 Storage

  6. (ICDCS '21) StripeMerge: Efficient Wide-Stripe Generation for Large-Scale Erasure-Coded Storage

    StripeMerge shows a method to merge narrow stripes to wide stripes.

    2021/06/23 Storage

  7. (updating) Some in-mem erasure-code systems

    background EC is mainly for cold storage, providing low redundancy costs and availability. While hot storage need to keep QoS, so expensive replication is more common.

    2021/06/23 Storage

  8. (FAST '21) Exploiting Combined Locality for Wide-Stripe Erasure Coding in Distributed Storage

    ECWide uses wide stripe to decrease redundancy while avoid repairing bandwidth waste.

    2021/06/22 Storage

  9. (SIGMOD '21) Spitfire: A Three-Tier Buffer Manager for Volatile and Non-Volatile Memory

    (SIGMOD ‘18) HYMEM: Managing Non-Volatile Memory in Database Systems

    2021/06/10 Storage

  10. (ToS '20, ICPP '18) Cache What You Need to Cache: Reducing Write Traffic in Cloud Cache via “One-Time-Access-Exclusion” Policy

    How to predict future hotness of a new request in photo cache systems?

    2021/04/10 Storage