Beggar Homelab (updating..)

self-quote, “building systems is LEGO for adults”


I built a homelab server at home:


type model
CPU i5-3450
MB Z77
DRAM 4*8GB DDR3 1600
Storage 2*Optane M10
(from 2TB to 6TB, ~35TB in total)
HBA LSI 2308 SAS (OCP Card)
Network ConnectX®-3: 10 GbE
RTL8125: 2.5 GbE
RTL8111: 1 GbE * 2
Case $2 case
Rack IKEA LACK + 4 pulleys
OS Ubuntu Server 22 LTS

Most of them are USED products from personal or data centers. (CHEAP)

This server hosts a number of services, including NAS, network proxy, media streaming, media encoding/transcoding, VMs, download station, home assistant, pCDN, etc.

To ensure enough data reliability, less intrusion, and high flexibility. I used a bunch of open-source tools to manage data, including OpenZFS, MergerFS, BorgBackup, Open-CAS, etc. In conclusion, it can provide a global view among multi-HDDs with different replication, erasure-coding and snapshot strategies for different types of files.


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